Innovative & effective solutions to protect life, assets & the environment

Best Technology are the one-stop centre for all your protection needs

From fire protection jackets to pipe seals and deluge piping. We are a passionate organization which has evolved over time to become the frontrunners in protecting life, assets and the environment.

Who are we?

Best Technology has been in the passive fire protection industry since 1990. We started out as distributors of well-renowned business supplies from both the European and American markets. However, with time, experience and knowledge, we have ventured into the manufacturing field with our goods being well-known in the passive fire protection industry. With our unyielding passion to provide the best possible goods and services to clients, Best Technology continues to excel in this industry.

What we do

Passive fire protection is at the very heart of our all our products and services as we are dedicated to protecting life, assets and the environment. This passion has allowed us to provide various products in many different markets, including marine, oil, gas, floating production storage, refineries, petrochemical and building structures.

As we are always pushing to be the frontrunners of the industry, we continuously seek out the latest technology to deliver the highest quality of products, and to ensure that those products fit perfectly onto any appliance that requires protection. To ensure the highest levels of quality to our clients, we are credited to ISO 9001.

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Our Clients

Best Tech offer a wide range of bespoke services to suit our customers’ individual needs in a large variety of markets; from Oil and Gas all the way to Nuclear technology.