Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

Conducting intricate site measurement at PCS

In the latter half of 2020, Best Technology was awarded a project by Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore to install 35 Jetflex fire protection jackets, on their valves and actuators.

As the centre company of the Singapore Petrochemical Complex, PCS’s main role is to supply high quality ethylene, propylene, acetylene, butadiene, 1-butene, MTBE and benzene. It also supplies utilities such as water, steam, and compressed air to pipeline customers, that in turn produce high quality petrochemical products for their customers. In addition, PCS produces toluene and xylene, which are exported to the Southeast Asia region and beyond for further processing.

For this project, we encountered a unique circumstance where the clients were unable to provide the necessary drawings that would accelerate the design process. Furthermore, there were many obstructions around the areas of intended application.

The project team thus set out to conduct precise and efficient on-site measurements relying on their many years of experience, over a short span of 2 days. This allowed the design team to have a clear idea of the systems and dimensions that would be required.

Best Technology Pte Ltd provides intricate and detailed site measurement services as and when possible and required, to ensure an accurate fit of PFP jackets to suit your specific needs and specifications; ensuring quality and efficiency in the services and products provided.


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