Bespoke Solutions

Solving any problem

Being a company that strives for perfection, Best Technology is passionate about providing the best possible solutions to protect our clients’ lives, assets and the environment around them; regardless of the challenges they face. To achieve this, we go above and beyond the simple provision of passive fire protection products.

Every challenge our clients face will be personally handled by us to create the best course of action. Depending on the product and the specific challenges, we may send our engineers down to assess the situation in person. Once the problem has been thoroughly analysed and the required product is ready, we are happy to send down engineers to assist in the installation and use of that product. This process comes together to ensure the client’s protection needs are thoroughly fulfilled.

Our Process

Experience & Expertise

Excellent service lies at the core of Best Technology, in whatever service we offer. This range of our services is shown below:


Measurement Icon

Measurement is the basis of all the work done. Being the foundation of all our services, it is crucial that all measurements are taken accurately with little to no margins for error. Hence, Best Technology provides trained engineers to carry out these tasks; ensuring that all installations fit perfectly.


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Best Technology takes pride in every product that is sent out to our clients. Hence, we make sure each item that is created by us is expertly designed to solve all the challenges they might face. To aid us in this process, the latest 3D CAD softwares are used – complete with nesting and CnC machines. These softwares can perfectly showcase our solutions for the client’s approval and feedback; allowing a better facilitation of discussion between us and the client.


Installation Icon

Once a solution is crafted out and agreed on by both parties, installation is the next challenge that is commonly faced by our clients. Here at Best Technology, we have highly skilled and experienced site personnel who have been individually trained to facilitate installations on site. In addition to being able to work independently, they have the capability of responding to any challenges that may pop up on site.


Manufacturing Icon

Best Technology prides itself on its manufacturing capabilities. At our factory, we focus our efforts on creating the most elegant designs, whilst ensuring that they are robust enough to fit the client’s needs. Our factory functions on a combination of the latest, technologically advanced machinery alongside a passion for expert craftsmanship, which we believe is necessary to yield the best products.


Technology & Craftsmanship… expertly combined

Though Best Technology has a local office residing in Singapore, we have a factory stationed in Batam which facilitates the fabrication of the jackets. Our factory is run by individuals dedicated to creating the perfect solutions for every installation project.

Our design process is backed up by a series of advanced tools and technologies every step of the way. Our design is initially drawn out in Solidworks, a 3D modelling software. Upon completion, it is sent to the CNC machine which delivers precise cuts that carve out the shape of the jackets. Lastly, it is pieced together with expert craftsmanship and inspected to perfection to ensure a tight fit of the jacket onto the item requiring protection.

Best Technology Manufacturing Facilities

Company Ethos

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an error free company through continual improvement with our people, our processes and our leadership.


Best Technology is a technology-driven firm working in the Energy Industry to provide value-added products and services. With customer focus and the provision of innovative solutions, Best Technology will continue to strive and grow in targeted market sectors such as Oil & Gas.


Best Technology holds Safety, Quality, Ethics and Productivity as core values.

Guiding Principles

  • Behave ethically and promote teamwork
  • Communicate effectively and clearly
  • Promote better working environments
  • Treat everyone with the same standards
  • Reward good behaviour
  • Lead by example
  • Improve efficiency

Our Goals

  • Profitable and continuous growth
  • Improvement on customer satisfaction, with continuous feedback
  • An incident free workplace and projects
  • Performance of projects as per bids


ISO Accreditation


Quality Systems comply with ISO 9001:2000. Our QA System is approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and is subjected to their regular independent quality audits.

ISO Accreditation


Best Technology is fully committed to the safety performance of each job we undertake. We have achieved the Bizsafe 3 Safety Standard.