Flexible Jet Fire /
Hydrocarbon Fire
Protection Jackets

Jet Fire / Hydrocarbon fire protection jackets can provide hydrocarbon / jet fire protection for up to 120mm in line with ISO 22899-1 : 20099 which is a flexible jacketing system.

The Jet Fire / Hydrocarbon Protection is tested for planar and corner/edge design and have been approved by Lloyds & DNV.

The Jacketing System can be used on ESDV Valves, actuators, pipe line flanges, pipe supports, cable trays and control panels.


  • Third party Certification
  • Minimum numbers of panel
  • Simplified installation process
  • Do not require any special tools
  • Easily removed for ease of maintenance to the equipment
  • Fit directly to the equipment
  • Do not require specialist contractors/personnel
  • Blast proof